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New solutions in sustainable finance, insurance, e-money, wealth management and servicing of small and medium-sized businesses are on the agenda for Copenhagen Fintech Week from 13-15 September, which is being held online. Members of Finansforbundet have access to free tickets.

3. Sep 2021
2 min

For the fourth time, Copenhagen Fintech is hosting Copenhagen Fintech Week, which this year is spread out over eight days. The first online sessions were held in June and August, and on Monday 13 – Wednesday 15 September, a total of 12 webinars will be held, which participants from all over the world can sign up for.

‘The whole thing is being held digitally again this year, because it has been difficult to plan a physical conference in time with the corona restrictions there have been. The digital format allows us to truly attract world-class speakers and panellists. So Copenhagen Fintech Week is a great opportunity to easily and digitally get updated on the most important fintech topics and trends – Live and with the global experts who know the most about the various topics’, says Simon Schou, Chief Innovation Officer at Copenhagen Fintech.

‘Unfortunately, it’s not quite possible to network with the other conference participants – and it should be no surprise that we look forward to being able to hold Copenhagen Fintech Week as a physical event again in the future’, he adds.

On Monday 13 September at 9 - 10:30 a.m., Thomas Krogh Jensen, CEO of Copenhagen Fintech, and Dr Leda Glyptis, Chief Client Officer at Altfi, amongst others, debate on where fintech is heading right now and the role Nordic fintech will have. Throughout the year, Copenhagen Fintech Week is focusing on Nordic fintech. There have already been trend seminars on Denmark and Norway, and on Wednesday 15 September, you will have the opportunity to hear news about the fintech scene in Finland.

As in previous years, a symposium on fintech research will also be held. This will be on Monday 13 September. Rethinking Insurance is the title of Monday’s last session, and hiding behind it is an interesting development on how to use available data to revolutionise the way insurance is offered.

Other topics in fintech week in mid-September are:
- Disrupting Wealth – on how tech solutions can help individual wealth holders manage their funds
- SME Digitalization – on invoicing solutions, sharing data between accountants and banks etc. that can facilitate the daily operations of medium-sized businesses
- Programmable Money – on the momentum of cryptocurrencies and e-money

Sustainable finance is of course also on the agenda and the challenge with data that comes with the concept. On Wednesday 15 September at 9:15 to 10:45 a.m., you can hear Lise Pretorius, Head of Sustainability Analysis at Matter, and Kristian Rönn, Co-founder of Normative, amongst others, discuss what real green finance means.

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