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Ready for Flexible Reopening in the Financial Sector

The Danish Employers’ Association for the Financial Sector (FA) and Finansforbundet have concluded an agreement that takes both companies and employees into consideration during the Coronavirus period. 80 per cent have been working at full strength during the crisis.

24. Apr 2020
2 min

​"Work has been resilient throughout."

This was the conclusion drawn by Kent Petersen, President of Finansforbundet. He noted that about eight out of ten members have been working as usual, despite the Corona crisis – the only difference being that the vast majority of tasks were solved in front of computers at home.

The ability to adapt and work remotely, even though it has been sudden and without the possibility of greater preparation, is part of the basis of the new agreement, which has now been concluded with FA, the Danish Employers' Association for the Financial Sector. This is because it allows for the flexibility of mutual benefit in relation to the reopening of workplaces in the financial sector.

In order to respect the guidelines published by the government immediately prior to the Easter holidays, it is necessary to reopen in a slow and staggered manner so that the rules on keeping a safe distance and avoiding traffic jams in public transport are complied with.

"The Agreement supports the need for companies to draw on employees at different times. It also considers the needs of those who still have challenges and cannot work fully into account, e.g. because they have children who cannot be cared for or have very specific challenges at the moment," says Kent Petersen.

Less guess work

In contrast to the first agreement reached between FA and Finansforbundet at the beginning of the crisis, we now have a picture of how much work can be done and where the challenges lie:

"In the beginning, we had to guess at the possible scenarios. We now know a lot more about what we are dealing with and that it is possible for the vast majority of employees to be productive full time."

In addition to the 80 per cent working full-time, up to 18 per cent work less because they are in a vulnerable situation – the last two per cent, for one reason or another, are unable to carry out their work at the moment.

"It is important for us to conclude agreements like this for the common good. At the moment, none of us know what the time horizon and deficits of the crisis will be."

The Agreement enters into force on 27 April and therefore replaces the original 'Corona Agreement' between Finansforbundet and FA. 

The agreement encompasses the reopening phase of society and is therefore different from the previous one in some respects - e.g. access to make withdrawals from the hour bank account will no longer be possible after 26 April, and the general rules for taking holiday will apply. The flexible option for the placement of working hours and the exemption from the provisions concerning home offices will also be maintained.

Agreement on reopening (pdf)

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