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How to Make Working From Home Function

Are you one of those who have been sent home to work in order to limit the spread of the coronavirus disease? And is working at home something that you are not used to? Here are a few tips on how you can maintain motivation and keep your zest for work intact.

25. Mar 2020
1 min

​How to stay focused

  • Agree with your family on when your working hours will be and when you will take time off.
  • Maintain your normal morning routines, so that you wake up put on your clothes on and start work.
  • Make a list of the work tasks you need to accomplish during the day.
  • Shut down social media and other private activities in your browser.
  • Remember to take your usual breaks. Don't eat while sitting at your computer.

How to arrange a healthy home office

  • Arrange a good home office specifically for your work. You can get some inspiration for this here.
  • Ensure that you vary your working posture.
  • Remember to air the room and get some fresh air occasionally.
  • Use a display that can be raised up to eye level if possible.
  • Do some stretching whenever you can. You can find some examples of stretching exercises here.

How to maintain contact with colleagues

  • Check in with each other daily.
  • Do this by phone instead of writing.
  • Let your colleagues know what you are working on.
  • Hold meetings with a social agenda - e.g. a virtual Friday bar.
  • Have at least one meeting in your calendar every day. 

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