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Here is your company collective agreement

Employees of the Danske Bank group are covered by a company collective agreement between Finansforbundet i Danske Bank and Danske Bank.


In the beginning of the negotiations, we were far apart from each other in terms of requirements. But we met a counterpart who, like us, emphasised being transparent and solution-oriented.

We have had a common interest in Danske Bank being a good place to work with good terms and opportunities for skills development and well-being.

The company collective agreement is valid from 1. April 2023 to 31. March 2025.

The company collective agreement in Danske Bank

Your company collective agreement

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General salary increase

All employees get a 7,5% increase in salary over two years. The salary increase breaks down as follows:

1 July 2023 1 July 2024 Total
4,5 % 3 % 7,5 %
Other salary increases

As of 1 July 2024, 0.66% has been set aside for individual salary increases.

In addition, 0.04% has been set aside to increase the pension for the group that went to job based salary in 2021 and were at job levels 1-7. They retained their previous employer's pension contributions of 11.9%. They have now been raised to 13.9%, so that all employees on job based salary in future will have the high pension rate.

After six years when everything has gone to collective wage increases, we now have a two-year collective agreement period with 7.5% going to collective wage increases, while 0.66% goes to individual salary increases.

Employees on individual contracts

In the negotiations, we had a great desire for improvements for employees on individual contracts. Danske Bank rejected our claim on the grounds that the terms and conditions of employees on individual contracts are not covered by the company collective agreement.

During the negotiations, Finansforbundet i Danske Bank gained an insight into how new contracts are designed and an insight into how the bank clarifies the terms and conditions applicable to employees on individual contracts.

It has been agreed that Finansforbundet i Danske Bank can advise and represent the members in individual cases, and that we can deliver general trends and experiences to HR Legal.

Time bank

The balance on the time bank changes to be able to go from -21 to +400 hours. Unless there is an individual agreement on a higher balance, hours in excess of 400 in future will be paid out automatically in March each year.

Competence development

We agree that competence development is important for both the employees and the bank. Therefore, we make a joint effort to ensure that the employees seek competence development, for example through Finanskompetencepuljen.

The collaboration on skills development will take place through Kompetenceudvalget, where both parties are represented.

Job based salary

It has been clarified that the annual standard of 1924 hours is also applicable to employees on job based salary.

The pay limit is not regulated in 2023, but it will be in 2024 just like in the standard collective agreement. For those colleagues who, in this connection, move to job based salary, we have agreed on a transitional regime similar to that applicable to those who were converted to job based salary in 2021.

For those who cross the limit to job based salary because of a salary increase, no mathematical transitional regime is applied.

It is assumed that the manager and the employee have a dialogue about the salary. The value of historical additional work may be included in this.

Maternity/paternity leave

The maternity/paternity leave period for fathers and co-mothers is extended by 10 weeks to a total of 26 weeks with full pay and pension. The special conditions in the bank for rainbow families continue to apply.

Holiday supplement to your salary

This will now be paid twice a year, in May and September, effective from 1 May 2024.

Termination benefits

In future, terminition benefits will not be payed out in the event of redundancies for which disciplinary matters are the reason for the redundancy.

As a new feature, any terminition benefits under the collective agreement will also be paid, even if the employee, at the time of termination, is retired/has reached retirement age.

Working time

We have simplified the working time regulations and made it possible for the manager and employee to enter into an agreement on the placement of working hours between 6 a.m. and 20 p.m. on weekdays.

Part-time senior employees

It has been agreed to change the time limit from 7 to 8 years for part-time senior employees.

Local agreements

The local agreement regarding transport (K08) was terminated as of 1. May 2023. This means that we will be subject to individual assessment.

We have also reached agreements on the local agreements we would like to extend.

Details will be clarified as soon as possible.

Working hours norm for IT-staff

The parties have agreed to change the annual working hours norm to 1924 hours for the IT-staff who in 2012 chose to continue with a working hours norm of 1872 hours.

Employees are compensated with a pensionable allowance of 4.17% (IT compensation allowance).

Working groups

Working groups will be created for the following tasks during the period of the company collective agreement:

  • Review of the agreement with a view to modernization and simplification
  • Update of the payroll system
  • Modernization of the rules on on-call duty


The standard collective agreement

Our company collective agreement is based on the standard collective agreement between Finansforbundet and Finanssektorens Arbejdsgiverforening (FA), and it applies to the entire finance sector. The standard agreement provides the general framework for the company collective agreement.

Dive deeper into the content of the new collective agreement. Here you can get a quick overview of the innovations and read more in-depth details.

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