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Danske Friends: FAQ

Get facts about Danske Friends and answers to four of the most frequently asked questions. The answers provide Henriette Romme from HR.

6. apr. 2022
1 min
Why has HR launched Danske Friends and what will Danske Bank achieve?

We introduced Danske Friends in December 2019, as we experienced a need for our international employees in Denmark. The ambition was and continues to be that new international employees should feel well Denmark, feel welcome and, not least, stay in Denmark. We need their talent and skills both now and in the future.

We knew from the Time2Give initiative that our employees have great courage to volunteer to make a difference to others. Therefore, we decided to encourage all colleagues in Denmark, both Danish and international, to register as a volunteer for Danske Friends with the aim of being affiliated with a new international employee/colleague in the Group. The aim is that both parties should benefit from the relationship.

Are there any findings that are interesting to convey?

Danske Bank continues to encourage colleagues to volunteer to benefit from new relationships and to make the experience of being able to help make a big difference to a new colleague.

It is the idea that the new colleague and the one who volunteer set the framework for their relations. Experience shows that some couples have very close links with both families and built up traditions together, while others have a short-term relationship that ends naturally as the new colleague has fallen into Denmark.

We do not require special background, skills or number of interviews/meetings from HR, as our wish is simply to create human relations across departments and backgrounds.

Are you currently looking for colleagues for Danske Friends? What should I do, if I am interested in becoming part of Danske Friends?

Yes, we are still looking for new colleagues who are volunteering. The easiest way is to send an email with your name and location to We match volunteers with new colleagues on an ongoing basis.

  • Remember that Finanskompetencepuljen, which you have access to as a member of Finansforbundet, regularly offers courses in both English and Danish if you want to upgrade your language skills.

  • Join the group on LinkedIn for foreigners in the financial sector in Denmark. The group is called Internationals in Finance – Finansforbundet in Denmark

    Danske Bank offers accompanying partners to employees from abroad membership of Danske Express Employees Partners Club and the International Dual Career Network (IDCN). Enter the name and contact details of your partner.

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