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One life – how we forgot to live meaningful lives

26. okt 2022, 8.00 - 9.30
Nordea Copenhagen Metro Meeting Centre
Grønjordsvej 10
2300 København S
25. oktober 2022
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This event is for all employees in Nordea

The modern division of time in terms of work time, leisure or quality time is a semantic mirage - there is just time, and it passes quickly. 


  • You are introduced to several suggestions to how to save ourselves from the existential morass many feel they are confused by 
  • You get some reflections on the difference between ‘just’ being happy or creating a meaningful life with our family, friends and colleagues. 
  • You get some answers to the radical consequences that come with the cognition that we only have one life, regardless of the context. 

How can it be that we, as some of the wealthiest and happiest people in the world, can be so affected on our mental well-being, measured by the number of people suffering from stress, anxiety, and depression? In the lecture, Morten Albæk deals with the concept of “Work-Life-Balance” and the notion that separating our persona into a working human being and private human being can solve the problem. It is an illusion that life can be divided into a work life and private life, and it is a linguistic manipulation that holds us in a swamp of meaninglessness that ultimately makes us sick. Instead, we must see ourselves as one human being with one life.  

That one life should be as meaningful as possible; it is meaning – not happiness – that is the most important basic ingredient for the sustainability of our lives, our businesses, and our society. 

8.00-8.30 Coffee, bread and networking while checking in
8.30-9.30 Morten Albæk: ‘One life – how we forgot to live meaningful lives’
9.30 Have a nice day at work! 

Morten Albæk is a philosopher, bestselling author, international public speaker, and Founder and CEO of advisory company Voluntas, the world’s first advisory firm to systematically measure and consult on meaningfulness.  
In addition, Morten is the author of several bestsellers. The most recent, One Life: How we forgot to live meaningful lives, is the best-selling philosophical book in Denmark in recent years. The book has been translated from Danish into English, Norwegian, Ukrainian, Norwegian, Korean, Arabic, Serbian and is underway in several other languages. 

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