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Networking and job mobility on the Danish Labour Market

4. mar 2021, 15.00 - 16.00
3. marts 2021
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Finansforbundet i Danske Bank og i Nordea
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Networking and job mobility on the Danish Labour Market

Webinar for international employees at Danske Bank and Nordea

The structure of the labour market and the culture of networking varies from country to country. Having an understanding of the Danish labour market is a good foundation for a successful work life in Denmark.

At this webinar, we will take you through issues like:

  • Job-mobility in Denmark and how to use network in a Danish context
  • Your rights and the rules in case of unemployment
  • The structure of the Danish labour market – What is Flexicurity? What is an A-kasse (unemployment insurance fund)? And what is the role of a fagforening (union)?

The webinar starts at 3pm on the 4rd of March, but you can check in from 2:30 (and please do so) and let us know if there are other issues that you would like us to touch upon.

Registration for non-members:

If you are not a member of Finansforbundet? Participate in the webinar by writing to: with name, mobile number and e-mail. We will call you afterwards to hear about the experience, as well as tell you about the services we provide that could be of value to you.


Randi Van Dijk Nielsen