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LUNCH & LEARN How to make things happen – a masterplan for an everyday strategy

24. nov 2022, 12.00 - 13.00
Nordea Hermes Hus
Helgeshøj Alle 33
2630 Høje Taastrup
9. november 2022
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Everyone at Nordea is welcome, including non-members

In this inspirational talk, you will get an insight into the difficulties in how to implement a strategy, designed for a tech-start up in Silicon Valley - in a regular Danish everyday workplace.

What you can gain by participating

  • Understand - why you should avoid burning platforms
  • Learn how to implement your strategy in the real world
  • Hands on inspiration, that you can take home and implement tomorrow.

Our best practices lead us into problems, as we imitate the wrong people. The perfect people. The amazing people. Most of us work in regular organizations with regular people. Hence, we cannot follow a strategy from a start-up in California or a German market leader group. We just don´t share the same DNA.

So how do we get the ordinary, typical human being to create a playing board, where we can make things happen, on a rainy November day. The right things, that is

We will tell you all about this in what we call “ a master plan for an every-day strategy”, where you will also be inspired how to avoid burning platforms, how to distinguish between motion and action, and why 1 is bigger than 0.

Spoiler alert: we will be talking about agile and scrum and the production loss, that we rarely discuss, but many may have come across. You are certainly not alone, if you find it a hassle when it comes to time to marked and a perhaps not super impressive throughput. We will touch upon innovation, and innovation culture, 2 things that has difficult circumstances when it comes to finding “root” in the daily work life.

Ursula Krogsbøll has a Master i IT-leadership and strategy og s from IT-university in Copenhagen. She leads the department for digital Strategy and Innovation at Miracle A/S.

Ursula has the skill of making things happen and has a broad experience with facilitation of innovation projects as well as implementation of strategies.

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