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Do you know your rights in the Danish labour market? - also for non-members

26. maj 2021, 15.00 - 16.00
21. maj 2021
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Finansforbundet i Nordea medlemmer
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As a Nordea employee in Denmark with international background there are many new rules and conditions to be aware of. At this webinar, Finansforbundet in Nordea invites members and non-members to hear about our collective agreements, The Danish Salaried Employees Act, FTFa (unemployment collection insurance) and your possibilities to get educational development. We’ll also touch upon how we as an union can help you as a member.

The webinar will be held virtually at Teams. Please remember to reserve the time in your calendar.

We’ll send you the link shortly before the meeting takes place to the mail account, you have chosen to be contacted at. If you have registered your private mail as your preferred mail address in Finansforbundet’s membership system, please remember to forward the link to your Nordea account.

Not a member of Finansforbundet? No problem!
Register for the webinar by sending an email to Indicate the date of the webinar, your name, mobile number, email and place of work. We will call you afterwards to ask about your experience and to tell you about the advantages and opportunities of being a member.

Get a voucher to Blockbuster
If you are member and bring a non-member to the webinar, or if you join the union after having attended the webinar, you’ll receive a voucher to Blockbuster to a Premiere movie.

To receive a voucher, please send an email to with your name and you’re the colleague(s) you have invited.

For your information, your name, email address, title and workplace will be shared with the course provider. Participants will be able to see the names of other participants.

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