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Rules for dependants’ leave

If you have the right to dependants’ leave, how many days are you entitled to and what should you do if you become ill on such a day?

You have the right to dependants’ leave if you are covered by the collective agreement between Finansforbundet (Financial Services Union Denmark) and Finanssektorens Arbejdsgiverforening and receive full salary from your employer. This means that you also have the right to dependants’ leave if you are ill and receive salary during illness or if you are on paid leave, e.g. pregnancy, parental or adoption leave or leave for taking care of terminally ill persons.

However, you do not have a right to dependants’ leave:

  • If you have been employed for less than one month
  • During periods where you do not receive salary or, for example, when your employer only pays pension contribution. For example, this is the case if, in connection with parental leave, you are only paid pension contribution and not a salary.

Read more on dependants’ leave and the rules here (pdf)