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Column by Steen Lund Olsen

Imagine the euphoria of expecting a baby, the longing for time off to care for a tiny newborn baby. Then consider not having the same maternity or paternity rights as your colleagues. Simply because of your gender, or the way or with whom you brought the child into this world.

Steen Kontor TA 3950
Steen Lund Olsen, Vice President of Finansforbundet.

This is by no means fair.

That is why we made sure that the latest collective agreement secures every parent a right that really ought to be a matter of course, namely the right to maternity or paternity leave with pay and pension, whether you are a father, a mother or a co-parent.

For we believe that being together with a child that has just been born is a right that every family and parent should have.
- Steen Lund Olsen, Vice President of Finansforbundet.

Finansforbundet once again suports this year’s Copenhagen Pride. A week, where we will be putting focus on the right of every human being to love and live – freely and safely.

At Finansforbundet, we fight all year round to make it safe to go to work – or on leave – and to apply yourself, regardless of who you are and whom you love.

At this year’s Pride, we will especially dance a little extra in celebration of our new strong maternity and paternity rights for every parent and family.

In a world where increasing numbers of people being part of the LGBT+ environment cannot live safely, we stand up for “your right to be you” and your right to be a family.
Happy childbirth leave and Pride.