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Member offers

FTFa, which Finansforbundet’s unemployment insurance fund is part of, has a variety of offers available to you, the member.

Get feedback on your CV and application within 24 hours

An opportunity to gain professional advice on your CV or application – as a member of Finansforbundet’s unemployment insurance fund, you can get a professional opinion on your application and your CV over the telephone within 24 hours so that your application materials are just right for the jobs you are applying for.

Send your application, CV and the job posting or link to the position you are applying for, as well as your telephone number, to our email hotline:

Don’t know where to find examples of good CVs and applications? Head for the FTFa website, where you can find inspiration for where to begin when writing a good application and tailoring your CV to the posting.

Social advice

You are welcome to speak with one of our social advisors if you need to discuss matters that affect your work, such as maintaining your ability to work and retaining your position on the job market, sickness benefit, disablement rehabilitation, flex jobs and early retirement pensions.


+45 89 38 39 70