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On home ground in a dynamic industry full of opportunities

Nina Maja Tolstrup Pryds is a proactive initiator with big ambitions. She greatly values the financial sector’s focus on development and learning. Professional and social sparring makes it easier to be new to the industry, according to the 29-year-old business administration graduate who works at Nykredit.

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  • Five things that were significant to Nina Maja when she started in the financial industry

  • Insight

    My first manager at Nykredit


    My first manager at Nykredit

    My first manager at Nykredit became an important mentor for me. Through the dialogues I had with her, I figured out how to move forward in my career.

  • Speaker

    Best for customers


    Best for customers

    I was quite new at the job of digital customer adviser when my manager recommended me to be a speaker at a workshop in Nykredit's finance section. Among other things, I had to explain how we handled customer service in our section and offer my personal view on what Nykredit’s goal of being best for customers means.

  • Network

    NYA – Network of Young Academics


    NYA – Network of Young Academics

    When I was hired at Nykredit, I joined Finansforbundet and became part of the union’s network of young academics (NYA). I went to an event to learn more about the industry I had ended up in. There was room on the committee, so I chose to involve myself, and my responsibilities included social media.

  • Networking




    I am part of Nykredit’s corps of volunteer LinkedIn ambassadors, which share posts from their own profiles. The things I share include ideas and proposals from Nykredit’s communication section, posts from NYA (see above) and my own LinkedIn finds. We also hold internal theme days and events, where people from the outside provide inspiration and hold presentations on how they use social media.

  • Book

    Bevar dig selv


    Bevar dig selv

    How can you get better at handling the pressure and being strong in an unpredictable future? This is the central theme of Birgitte Dam Jensen’s book Bevar dig selv, which I read during the summer holidays a few years ago, and to which I am happy to return.

Old fashioned and quite blue.

This is how Nina Maja Tolstrup Pryds describes the external stereotypical view of the financial industry. A view she herself held – until she got a job at Nykredit.

‘But this is not the way it is at all. It is an industry where a lot happens, so I was quickly convinced that I belonged and that I could have a job here,’ says the 29-year-old, who holds an M.Sc. in Economics and Business Administration with a specialisation in creative and strategic innovation and business development.  

Being proactive, getting things started and establishing relations across the organisation are key elements in her job as a specialist and management supporter at Nykredit’s Wealth Management.

A job that she is constantly helping to develop and in which she is identifying new opportunities.

‘I have big ambitions for myself,’ explains Nina Maja, who was ready to boost her career after joining Nykredit in a temporary position, following a misguided job as a salesperson in a media company.

It was not her dream position, but she had a good feeling about the company, and she had also received a recommendation about the section’s manager.

The manager became an important mentor for the extrovert and impatient Nina Maja.

‘We had a series of development interviews, where she respected my wishes while challenging me and the way I was thinking. She helped me find a good balance, so I learned a lot at work and established a new network, which in time, could help me move forward in the organisation,’ she explains.

‘Many young people want a career that really takes off, just like I did. Instead, look a little deeper wherever you are right now before becoming impatient,’ she advises others.

Ask and get new contacts

As a new employee, Nina Maja had many questions about industry terminology and work procedures in the financial company. This was again the case when she moved to a position in Wealth Management, after two years working in Nykredit’s customer service. 

‘It has been challenging to come from the outside as a CBS graduate without practical experience from the financial sector. It requires something more from you to adapt, but generally, it has been positive. I have learnt a lot and got lots of new contacts by asking others for advice,’ she indicates. 

Nina Maja is also part of Nykredit’s corps of volunteer LinkedIn ambassadors. They share relevant posts with colleagues across the organisation and hold events where people from outside the company can offer inspiration and presentations on the way they use social media.

Lunch across teams

Apart from developing strong professional relations with customers and colleagues, Nina Maja has focused on the social side of the working life. She has arranged common lunches across teams, gathered a team for the DHL race and is happy to take the initiative for social events. 

She challenges other newcomers to the industry to be proactive – not to further their own ego and progress, but with respect for the community.

‘Be part of creating and running a good and healthy culture. The kind that will be noticed and that helps create a good network for yourself,’ she says, adding:

‘If you don’t want to or don’t have the opportunity to arrange anything, then adopt an open and positive approach to the things that are happening. It makes a huge difference to the culture of the workplace.’  


Part of Finansforbundet’s (Financial Services Union Denmark) network

For Nina Maja, Finansforbundet represented another useful key to the financial sector. She registered to the union in order to learn more about the industry she had ended up in. She was then automatically included in NYA, which is the union’s network for young academics, and quickly, she got a place on the committee.

This action-oriented woman is looking forward to a combination of professional and social benefits from the network:

‘I learnt a lot about the industry by listening to how things are happening elsewhere. And it is great to meet and mingle with other participants before and after the events.’

As a member of Finansforbundet, Nina Maja is also happy to have a good support base and a website where she can look things up if she is in doubt about anything industry-related or if she needs advice.

‘Being covered by a collective agreement and other clear agreements gives you a certain peace of mind.’

Development and decency

In the financial sector, Nina Maja found an ideal combination of development opportunities and decency. 

‘There is a focus on development and learning. We have an in-built culture that allows you to be open about what you want and to be taken seriously,’ she emphasises.

Like in other industries, there are good times and bad times, and sometimes your company is portrayed negatively by the press. However, this does not affect the fundamental decency and stability, which is something that also appeals to Nina Maja.

‘We have a social responsibility that we need to live up to. It is taken very seriously, and it is an integrated part of the everyday work.’