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Finanskompetencepuljen (Finance Competence Fund)

As an employee in the financial sector, you can apply for support for continuing education through the fund. The educational programmes are carefully selected to support the competence needs of the future.

Finanskompetencepuljen is a unique opportunity for those who want to develop their professionalism and competencies. There are over 250 different courses in Finanskompetencepuljen, of which 70 of the courses are in English. Altogether, the courses cover all the job categories in the financial sector. You can find courses in digitisation, IT, change and communication. The courses are offered at various levels of education at recognised educational institutions, so you are always ensured a high level of quality and professional content that is relevant to you.

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Over 250 different courses

There are over 250 different courses in Finanskompetencepuljen, of which over 70 of the courses are in English. They are for people who work in the financial sector.

2 courses or 15 ECTS points

You can apply for up to 2 courses or 15 ECTS points per year.

Before you apply

You can apply for the courses in Finanskompetencepuljen to develop your professionalism and gain greater insight into an area or you can use them as a training centre to change direction in your working life and learn something completely new. There are many paths to take and so it can be helpful to clarify your goals and opportunities before applying.

How to approach this:

1. Consider your competence needs and goals

Before applying, it can be a good idea to consider what you would like to learn more about. Maybe there are some specific areas you need to get better at or maybe you have become interested in an entirely new field?

2. Talk to your manager about the possibilities

Before applying for a course through Finanskompetencepuljen, it is a requirement that you have had a dialogue with your manager. This way, you can talk about your development opportunities and together you can ensure that there is a connection between what you want to learn in the course and your work.

3. Get inspired by others

You can check whether anyone in your network has participated in a course through Finanskompetencepuljen that they can recommend to you. For example, you can ask your colleagues or your union representative. If you are lacking inspiration, you can also read more about how others have used Finanskompetencepuljen.