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How to use your development interview to increase flourishing -also for non-members

31. jan 2022, 8.00 - 8.45
26. januar 2022
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Did your last development interview give you a better working day? If not - then this intensive, tool-oriented webinar is for you. With my effective tools, you can prepare for your next development interview, so that you get a result that gives you a working life where you thrive and flourish.


  • Here are the 5 areas that create well-being and development
  • Avoid the 7 gremlins that your brain creates
  • The 4 questions that give you the answer to what your next development interview should be about

Research tells us that there are five sources of real well-being. And it is no coincidence that when we thrive and flourish, this leads to development. It's a super smart evolutionary trick. Well-being and development are connected. In the webinar, you will take as your starting point some very specific situations where you already thrive today. Through my tool, you will find out the essence of what you thrive on, and through this, you will get a handful of very concrete suggestions on what your next development interview should be about.

45 minute intensive webinar

Henrik Leslye (MSc. In Psychology). One of the country's most popular speakers who conveys nerdy knowledge in a tool-oriented way that is easy to use

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Henrik Leslye


Center for læring og udvikling

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